Seeding Opportunity.

Seeding Opportunity.

Building Communities.

Building Communities.

Capitalizing Growth.

Capitalizing Growth.

Feeding the World

Feeding the World.

NCH Capital was among the earliest Western investors in Eastern Europe in the 1990s, making its first investments in the agricultural sector over 20 years ago. Today, in addition to managing other real assets and private equity portfolios, we are one of the world's largest agribusiness investor-operators. Our businesses are committed to sustaining and improving the cycle of growth, harvest and distribution to help support food security globally.

Investor-operators building and growing sustainable large-scale farming platforms.

Since NCH's inception in 1993, we have raised approximately $6 billion of capital from investors. As a natural extension of our successful real estate and private equity investment programs across Eastern Europe, since 2006 we have been transforming subsistence-level and fallow farmland in the Black Sea region and other areas of Eastern Europe into highly productive agribusinesses, revitalizing local communities and providing food for millions around the globe. We deploy the latest innovations in agronomy to ensure crop production sustainability and proper land management, with our supply chain solutions delivering products efficiently to the global market. NCH recognizes that the success of our business is ultimately driven by the people of and communities in which we operate. We strive to always hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and operational excellence.

Where our Agribusiness started: the story of NCH's first farm.

Invested in agribusiness projects in Eastern Europe

Hectares of agricultural land under management

Metric tons of crops originated annually for the world market

Ukrainian landowners receiving farm rental income from us, strengthening rural economies

Portfolio company employees in Eastern Europe

Pioneer Investors

Our deep regional experience makes us an agile capital partner.

We believe the scale of our platform, our well-established local presence, strong reputation, and unique access to opportunities all provide us with an execution edge that has contributed significantly to our success. Beyond our core agribusiness platform, NCH also manages capital for private equity, real estate, and public securities investments.

Our Agribusinesses:

Agribusiness Supply Chain Operations
Seed Business

Select Real Estate and Private Equity Investments:

Libra Bank
Vel Pitar
Riga Plaza

The investments presented are intended to be illustrative of NCH fund past and present investments and do not include all investments.

Commitment to People and Sustainability

People & Communities

NCH creates economic opportunity for people in the region: we’re committed to the health of the communities in which we live and work.

Agronomy & Land

We strive for sustainable agricultural production by leveraging modern crop science and best land-use practices.

Alignment & Ownership

Many of our employees are true partners in our success; in NCH's largest portfolio company, they have invested their own funds into the business and are key stakeholders in our investment strategies.

Production & Distribution

Our focus on improving supply chain logistics maximizes the efficient delivery of products to global markets.
NCH is a proud signatory of:

Our international team of professionals is dedicated to identifying opportunity and creating value in our markets of investment.

Our local offices are responsible for sourcing new investment opportunities and managing the day-to-day operations of portfolio investments, supported by the NCH team in New York. NCH is led by the firm’s founders, and our country heads have been with the firm for an average of over 20 years.

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